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March 26, 2021


Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) is a well-known umbrella organization in the UK. Constructionline is one of the many renowned founding members of SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) because they support the aims of decreasing repetition of certification and saving time and prices for both clients and contractors in the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ).

Constructionline is commonly utilized by agency clients and government departments to pre-qualify contractors and suppliers permitting them to tender or bid for works with them. They work with enhanced PAS 91 criteria and can validate suppliers SSIP with Acclaim Accreditation. If you hold a certificate from an SSIP membership scheme they offer a ‘Deem to Satisfy’ as evidence of health and safety standards.

Constructionline works with both buyers and contractors within the construction industry. Membership to their platform can give buyers access to a validated list of quality suppliers. With some memberships your business is able to share information and PAS 91 details with one of the UK’s largest network of construction buyers.

Constructionline membership and accreditation comes with many benefits:

m Value for time and money:

Used by the local authority and government department, the Constructionline SSIP helps contractors and suppliers with the tender process, saving time and money on completing elements of PQQ.

m Makes an easy and trustworthy connection between buyers and suppliers:

If you are a buyer, then Constructionline SSIP will help you to find suppliers quickly to complete a full range of assignments. And if you are a supplier or contractor, then your business can be presented in front of many potential buyers.

m Provides access to new opportunitites:

The accreditation is effective equally for both small and large businesses. If any small business company is looking to expand into new markets and Constructionline membership and accreditation provides access to these opportunities

m Improve brand image:

Constructionline SSIP helps you to be instantly recognized for making connections with industry standards. This will make you a more eligible choice at the time of tendering as higher profile clients will be looking for contractors with Constructionline membership and accreditation.

m Give assurance to the buyer:

Buyers know that working with suppliers or contractors that are Constructionline accredited come with the assurances of standard and validation associated with SSIP.

Membership options and benefits:

Constructionline offer different levels of memberships with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum for all suppliers including buyer searchers that create changes of an invitation to tender.

Bronze membership offers a basic PAS 91suitable for all small contractors and consultants.


Silver membership requires opens up new opportunities to small businesses and contractors with verification of PAS-91saving time and money on PQQ. This level also includes SSIP with Acclaim Accreditation.

Gold membership provides all the benefits of silver membership but with an increased level of scrutiny. With assessments in equality, diversity, and quality to meet the Common Assessment Standard Gold allows you to prequalify across modules with all buyers.

Platinum membership provides the benefits of Gold but delivers a one-day audit to demonstrate your compliance.

Due to being a lengthy procedure, many applicants hesitate to be a part of Constructionline SSIP accreditations. Our experts support you in completing the application and remain with you until you are approved. We are here to take the stress and hassle away from you.

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