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CHAS Accreditation vs. Safecontractor accreditation: What’s the Difference?
March 26, 2021

CHAS Accreditation vs. Safecontractor accreditation: What’s the Difference?

Following health and safety compliance when it comes to operating any business has become a necessity. Businesses following the right compliance find themselves with an upper hand against competitors with no-compliance. This is because consumers and clients prefer to deal with a business following the right standard of health and safety. Therefore, this increases client and consumer engagement and also increase brand image.

If you’re wondering whether to opt for a CHAS accreditation or for SafeContractor, you’re in the right place. We will be discussing the difference between the two and highlighting factors you should know to make your decision in determining which one would be better for you, easier.

What Is CHAS?

CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) was set up in 1997 by experienced professionals who knew how their objectives would help businesses improve health and safety standards across the UK. It provides a pre-approval scheme which contractors can present to potential clients. Being CHAS certified demonstrates to clients that the contractor meets standard health and safety requirements. It is a long-standing accreditation scheme and is probably the most popular one. CHAS has over 70,000 contractors registered and is accepted by many as the right standard of health and safety requirements. CHAS is a founding member of SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) organization which began in May 2009.

Of course, to become CHAS accredited, it is going to cost you some time and money. However, the benefits outweigh the investment. While you’re CHAS accredited, you can expect to win more work, which ultimately means more money.

What Are The Benefits Of Being CHAS Accredited?

There are many benefits of becoming CHAS accredited. Firstly, it is a popular and nationally recognized scheme which should give you the upper hand. Being CHAS accredited assures your clients and potential clients that you present a good level of compliance regarding health and safety standards. This helps with securing new and better contracts and can expand your business as you take on projects you may not have been able to without the accreditation. Ultimately resulting in increased opportunities and revenue.

As the accreditation acts as a pre-approval, it replaces some elements of a PQQ (pre-qualification questionnaire) helping reduce the time and effort needed to complete a PQQ and tender. Therefore, this means you’ll have more time and energy to do other important things instead.

Also, the process of meeting standards to receive the CHAS accreditation provides benefits to your business including improvements in your health and safety overall which can result in increased efficiency, in turn increasing profit, and saving money through the reduction of risk.

SafeContractor: What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

Alcumus SafeContractor are an accreditation body who like CHAS are part of SSIP. This accreditation scheme helps you highlight good practice when it comes to health and safety requirements. By becoming SafeContractor approved you join their community of over 33,000 contractors.

Some might consider SafeContractor a new and improved scheme that fits perfectly according to a business’s needs. Having the SafeContractor logo on important applications, paperwork, and email signature will indicate to all the clients that you practice health and safety standards. Yes, CHAS accredited is bigger than a Safe contractor, but for local authorities and private sector clients, SafeContractor is quite an important accreditation they prefer.

When your business goes through approval, it will be added to the SafeContractor pre-qualification database. From here, clients will have the flexibility of viewing your business which can result in more work and improved opportunities for your business.

Which One Is Better?

To determine which one is better would ultimately depend on the targeted clients. This is because clients prefer several different accreditation schemes and consider one that fits their needs. Therefore, to attract clients and seal deals, you will have to show that your business is compliant with health and safety across various accreditation schemes.

The Decision

When it comes to determining which one you should get, well, as we mentioned before, it would depend on the clients. However, other factors such as CHAS being bigger might influence many businesses to go for it. On the other hand, many businesses would opt for a Safe contractor for different reasons.

The truth is that any of these schemes could be great for you, or both could not fit your needs. It’s more about which brings more opportunities, thus, meaning you might even have to look into other accreditation schemes instead.


CHAS and Safecontractor both offer benefits to your business. Rather than simply compare them it is important to keep in mind that any scheme to improve your standards will have benefits for your business overall. Many contractors have multiple SSIPs and certifications and there are no disadvantages to having both CHAS and Safecontractor. You could indeed have both accreditations if your business has clients which have a requirement for both. Alternatively, dependent on your business you can look into other SSIP and health and safety accreditation schemes. The scheme or accreditation body you choose to be certified by will ultimately depend on your business and the certificates most required by your target clients and the nature of your business.


Our experts at Style Contractor Solutions support businesses in achieving both CHAS and Safecontractor. Contact us to discuss your accreditation and SSIP options to help make your decision on the schemes that will benefit you the most.


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