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A Communication on Method Statements
September 9, 2020

A Communication on Method Statements

In the construction sector, every worker needs a particular job safety instruction for high-risk work. As a descriptive type of health and safety document, Method Statements (also known as safe work method statements) explain the way of safe working practices by giving specific instructions for that work or how it will be carried out safely during the risk assessment.

Although many forms of method statements are found like SOP, standing process, work procedure with instruction, safe work practices etc to elaborate an activity in a stepwise and simple procedure, METHOD STATEMENTS are the main objective.

During a particular task, potential hazards are characterized by the key document. During the tender process, Physical workers along with clients, need to read the document carefully. Possibility, responsibility, prerequisite, these are all activities of all the aspects that are covered by METHOD STATEMENTS.


As per the work procedure, the contents of the METHOD STATEMENTS are described. Let’s take a look at the contents.

  • Activity explanation.
  • Details of the organization, along with individual responsibilities.
  • Needful precautions with PPE and ventilation.
  • Access, boundaries with activity location.
  • Materials handling and storage functions.
  • Task hazards of the site and environment.


Proper use of METHOD STATEMENTS can be extremely beneficial for you. The benefits are discussed in terms of the points below.

Gains approaching power:-

To increase the approaching power as a part of the tender process, METHOD STATEMENTS is frequently used in the operation way. Safely and ethically, it also allows you to provide goods and services.

Extinguish risks and injuries:-

In every construction site, workers face high-level risk at the time of tasks like work from height, use dangerous and hazardous materials. As a result, less or major accidents can occur. But if you are using METHOD STATEMENTS, then it will mitigate risk and protect your workers from deadly injury by controlling measures.

Clarify the emergency:-

METHOD STATEMENTS clarifies an emergency and explains the details to your customer that if something goes wrong in the workplace, your organization initially can handle the incident.

Increases productivity:-

METHOD STATEMENTS gives workers trust that in the workplace, they are safe while working with high-risk. As a result, they get the utmost confidence, and an effective working environment is also created. It helps a lot in increasing production capacity.

Saves time and money:-

To save money and time for any organization or company, an exact and authentic idea is very much essential. The METHOD STATEMENTS provides that kind of accurate and up-to-the-mark overview, which helps to get success about the projects and procedures of any company or organization, along with saving time and money.

Gives a competitive edge:-

Every client and worker wants a safe and legal working site. With METHOD STATEMENTS, you can carry out your work safely and legally. As a result of that, at the time of getting tender or pitching projects, it provides you a competitive edge to win against your business competitors.

Makes you understand the capabilities:-

The clients or owners of any organizations who provides the potential service in the field of construction, METHOD STATEMENTS makes you understand the capabilities of their service. To pre-qualify the job, it helps to relate to their work in order.

It is very much necessary that, in a clear and terse way, the information of METHOD STATEMENTS should be included to communicate about safe work. Linking all the documents together, like COSHH ASSESSMENT, RISK ASSESSMENT can also be used.

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